This year SFF x Switch, the world’s first week-long hybrid digital and physical event for financial technology, brought together entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, innovators and industry professionals across FinTech and key innovation sectors.

Since its inception, Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) has been championing challenging topics that the financial services industry faces, while the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) has been bringing together conversations on innovation and its impact on society.

The Northern Ireland Technology Pavilion at SFF x Switch showcased a selection of leading technology companies from Northern Ireland who offer a range of innovative services and solutions for areas including FinTech, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, AI and IoT, servicing banks, corporations, governments and utilities worldwide.

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Northern Ireland Technology

Northern Ireland has emerged as a world-leading cyber security, data analytics and FinTech hub, with specialist university research centres and an impressive cluster of international companies and indigenous innovative start-ups, delivering solutions globally.

The region attracts global companies due to its exceptionally skilled and resilient workforce, competitive operating costs and its unique position within the UK and Europe.

Global recognition

Northern Ireland is recognised as a top global location for investment.

  • Northern Ireland is the #1 investment location for US cyber security firms. (fDi Markets FT 2020)
  • Belfast is Europe’s leading FDI destination for new software development. (fDi Markets FT 2020)
  • Northern Ireland is the world’s top region for Financial Services technology inward investment projects (fDi Markets FT 2020)
  • Belfast is ranked a top three fintech location of the future after London and Singapore. (FT FDI Markets, 2019)

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Who participated

  • Ampliphae will empower your business to get Serious about adopting SaaS to accelerate innovation.
    With Cloud-delivered SaaS businesses no longer have total control over your software, data and the risks involved. 
    Ampliphae automation empowers you to understand the benefit-risk balance of the huge volume of SaaS that is penetrating your organisation.

  • ANGOKA is an IoT security company, headquartered in Belfast, with offices in London and The Hague, focused on protecting machine-to-machine communications for Smart Cities and Mobility. As more insecure networks come online with the boom of IoT, ANGOKA’s solutions safeguard critical M2M communication integrity, creating trusted connections, even in untrustworthy networks.

  • AquaQ Analytics is a provider of specialist data management, data analytics and data mining products and services to clients operating within the capital markets and other sectors. Our knowledge of Timeseries data, combined with advanced analytical techniques and expertise in best-of-breed technologies, helps our clients get the most out of their data.

  • Datactics specialises in class-leading, self-service data quality and matching software to ensure compliance with financial regulation, eliminate roadblocks in data management, and add value to enterprise data.

    Backed by their team of experienced data scientists, their platform gives CDOs and data stewards transparency into data quality, and SMEs and data analysts powerful, yet user-friendly tools to explore, measure, transform, fix and enrich data within a scalable enterprise grade platform, on premises or in the cloud.

  • FaaSBank is Fern Software's solution for CRM, loan processing and impact reporting. Designed in collaboration with end-users, the software's full CRM and loan integration enables SME lending organizations to accurately track a loan's life cycle, from the initial client inquiry to the recording of jobs and leverages when the investment results in a tangible impact to their community.

  • LoweConex is the most advanced remote monitoring platform available today. A patented IoT core data visualisation sphere which can collect over 100million data points every minute. LoweConex uses big data to power it’s inbuilt AI and drive automated improvements in energy usage, device performance, device lifespan and maintenance schedules.

  • Options is a global leader in financial technology managed services and IT infrastructure, enabling
    clients to operate world-class financial technology infrastructure today, while supporting scalability
    and technology for tomorrow across Colocation, Applications and Platform products.
    Clients include global investment banks, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, private equity houses
    and exchanges.

  • Push Technology delivers real-time, event-data streaming and messaging solutions to power mission-critical business applications worldwide for leading brands. Push’s Diffusion Intelligent Event-Data Platform consumes event data in any size, format or velocity, enriches the data in-flight, and delivers it securely at a massive scale - on-premise or in the cloud. 

  • Skurio a cyber security company with a Risk Protection platform that is a fully automated solution that searches the surface, deep and Dark Web for breaches of critical business data and potential cyber-threats to an organisation. The solution offers personalised protection to customers from threats to revenue, reputation, and brand, keep them safe, and minimise the risks and costs associated with a data breach.

  • The Robot Exchange have created a number of innovative solutions that assist clients across industrial verticals and across regions. Their DeVol product has delivered the ability to automate client’s manual and menial tasks with a no or low code solution. Investment has also meant their clients now have the ability to migrate from their existing RPA solutions.  and manage any changes to data extracts without further investment, a solution called “Citizen Development”. 

  • Vertical Structure is an independent cyber security advisory company specialising in providing human-focused security and penetration testing services for web applications, cloud infrastructure and mobile applications. 
    Services include security consulting, security & penetration testing & training to clients including small start-ups and large multinational organisations. 
    Vertical Structure work with companies to drive growth and improve processes & procedures through the principles of Prepare, Protect, Persist®

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