Invest NI Business Plan 2021-2022

Following approval by the Minister in September 2021, we have now published our 2021/22 Business Plan.

This plan was largely developed in advance of the Department for the Economy’s recently launched 10X economic vision for a decade of innovation strategy. Invest NI welcomes the publication of this strategy and is now working to ensure our activity is in line with the ambition set out in 10X, and accelerating it. This includes identifying and coalescing around those strategic opportunities and interventions which are focused on the core technologies and clusters where Northern Ireland can be a global leader within the next decade. We will prioritise these to build significant capability and capacity with the potential to drive the economy forward.

Invest NI will use this bridge year between the end of our 2017-21 Business Strategy and the development of a new longer-term strategy from April 2022 to transform and refresh our solutions, interventions and processes aligned to the 10X strategy. We will look to optimise our support, addressing gaps in provision and maximising the impact of our resources and interventions to deliver positive economic, environmental and societal outcomes that deliver transformative change.

Download the Invest Northern Ireland Business Plan 2021-2022