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Investment in energy efficiency and resource efficiency projects can reduce your business costs significantly.

We provide expert advice to Northern Ireland businesses to help develop business specific waste management strategies. Our tailored advice, support and funding can help your business operate more efficiently, minimise waste, reduce costs and improve your impact on the environment. 

Support includes:

  • Energy Efficiency Capital Grant will offer support to buy and install energy efficient equipment 
  • Resource Efficiency Capital Grant to provide investment support for resource efficient equipment
  • Resource matching service to manage waste and reduce costs
  • Sustainability Reports to assess, measure and monitor environmental impact and performance
  • Technical consultancy for bespoke energy and resource efficiency strategies and recommendation

Energy Efficiency Capital Grant

The Energy Efficiency Capital Grant (EECG) will help Northern Ireland businesses reduce energy costs and build resilience through efficiency.

It will offer grant support to buy and install energy efficient equipment that reduces energy and carbon emissions.

Find out more about the Energy Efficiency Capital Grant

Resource Efficiency Capital Grant

We can provide investment support of up to £50k to help you invest in resource efficient equipment. This applies to any project that will reduce the consumption of water, raw materials or waste production. ;

The rate of support is based on company size - a maximum of 10% of total eligible project costs for large businesses, 20% for medium and 30% for small and micro.

This support is open to Invest Northern Ireland customers only.

Find out more about the Resource Efficiency Capital Grant (RECG)

Resource Matching

Our Resource Matching service offers opportunities to convert redundant materials of one business into a resource for another – both adding value and reducing business costs for all parties.

As well as benefiting from cost savings and productivity improvements, this service allows businesses to prolong the life of resources whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Find out more about the Resource Matching Service

Technical Consultancy

Our technical consultancy support can help your business identify areas for increased efficiency and cost savings. We provide specialist support to complete bespoke energy saving projects such as technical audits and feasibility studies.

This support will allow you to make informed decisions on potential investments in energy efficiency – and ultimately save on business energy and reduce business costs.  

Technical Consultancy is available to all businesses with an annual energy and resource spend in excess of £30k.

Find out more about Technical Consultancy support

Sustainability Reports

We are now offering Sustainability Reports for businesses which is an holistic assessment/understanding of a business’s environmental performance across a number of areas, such as; Raw Materials, Energy, Carbon, Packaging, Biodiversity and Waste.

This support will enable you to measure, monitor and report on your environmental impacts, demonstrating transparency and accountability, which often leads to consumer confidence and brand loyalty. 

This support is available to all Northern Ireland businesses with an annual energy and resource spend of more than £30k. This could include the combined value of your heating, electricity, water, waste disposal or raw material billings.

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Energy and Resource Efficiency Tutorials

Through our tutorials, we offer you support and advice to help your business operate more efficiently, minimise waste, reduce costs and contribute towards net zero.

Learn how Invest NI can support your business with our Energy and Resource Efficiency Tutorial Series

Resource efficiency guides

We have produced a series of best practice resource efficiency guides on topics including biomass, lighting, packing, waste minimisation and water efficiency to name a few.

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