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Northern Ireland entrepreneurs’ driving innovation in health care solutions

Launched in 2016, The NHS Clinical Entrepreneurship Programme (CEP) has proven to be a remarkable success in helping innovate and implement new initiatives within the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom (UK).

Northern Ireland Has What It Takes to Support a Modern Defence Industry

Northern Ireland’s unrivalled engineering credentials, combined with its UK and European-leading technology credentials makes it an increasingly compelling proposition for governments and companies in the growing defence industry.

Empowering growth across Northern Ireland

We published our 2022/23 performance figures last month which highlighted a successful year of growth and investment, demonstrating our commitment to driving economic prosperity across Northern Ireland.

Delivering for business and our economy

Every £1 of our assistance contributed towards £7 of investment in the local economy.

Vast Market Potential for Construction and Demolition in South and West China

To support Northern Ireland companies in China, Invest Northern Ireland undertook several research reports to inform and identify high potential opportunities in the region.

Supporting ambitious young companies across Northern Ireland

Building a regionally balanced economy requires a partnership approach and we work with a range of organisations to achieve this goal.

Off-shore wind: the fastest growing sector in renewable energy

Last month we took 10 NI offshore wind supply chain companies and eight key NI renewable energy stakeholders to Marseille.

Is innovation essential for business success?

Jeremy Fitch, Executive Director for Business Growth in Invest Northern Ireland believes it is.

The Green Economy – Northern Ireland’s potential

Rachel Sankannawar, Invest Northern Ireland’s Head of Green Economy Development, asks: ‘what is the Green Economy’ and how Northern Ireland can tap into the business opportunities?

Graduate to Export | My Graduate to Export Journey

The Graduate to Export programme for international marketing students was recently launched. The programme allows Northern Ireland companies to enhance their export capability with a graduate assisting them with a market research project. As part of the programme we will be following the stories of the graduates to get an insight into their experiences.

Celebrating entrepreneurial success - Azhar Murtuza

Invest Northern Ireland is delighted to congratulate Belfast-based biotechnologist, entrepreneur, founder, and owner of Born Maverick Food Innovation, Azhar Murtuza on topping the poll in TechRound’s Top 50 BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) Entrepreneurs Under 50 of 2022.

Strengthen your Supply Chain with Specialist Support

Invest Northern Ireland’s Supply Chain Resilience and Development Solutions (SCRDS) support launched in April 2021 and is designed to help businesses address supply chain challenges.

C&D Waste Recycling Industry in South and West China

This feature examines the developing status of five provinces in South and West China, offering cutting-edge insight into regional developments.

Showcasing Northern Ireland's Life and Health Sciences Expertise to the World

Invest NI showcased Northern Ireland’s world-leading life and health sciences expertise to local and international audiences at trade shows and conferences throughout October 2022.

Opportunity Africa | Leading the Global Trade and Investment Agenda

Africa is now home to several of the world’s fastest growing economies and is becoming a continent to watch, leading the Global Trade and Investment Agenda.

Supporting Northern Ireland’s business growth for 20 years

This year, we’re marking 20 years of Invest Northern Ireland.

An insight into China's construction and demolition waste recycling industry

To further support Northern Ireland companies in China, Invest Northern Ireland has undertaken a series of research projects to inform and identify high potential opportunities in the region.

My New Business: The go to destination for entrepreneurs

Deciding to start a business is a big deal…. you need to put yourself and your business idea out there, test the market and then say to the world "this is what I have to offer" and ask customers to literally buy it!