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Workplace Organisation using 6S

17 minutes

Video Overview

In our Operational Excellence webinar series, OPEX Coach Catherine Boyle from Invest Northern Ireland takes you through:

• What is 6S? 
• What the benefits are for your business by using Workplace Organisation 
• What is involved in each of the six stages 
• How to implement a 6S program in your business 

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Operational Excellence | Workplace Organisation using 6S

During the COVID-19 crisis, social distancing requirements had a significant impact on workplace layout, exacerbating the existing problem of limited floor space in many businesses. 

The intent of this webinar is to take you through the six stages involved in organising your workplace to improve the flow of orders, information & materials through your process. 

The six stages are: 
•    Sort
•    Set
•    Shine
•    Safety
•    Standardise
•    Sustain

17 minutes
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