Exhibitions and trade missions

Participating in exhibitions and trade missions is a perfect opportunity to grow your business in new markets.

We are committed to attending trade exhibitions across the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, and India, the Middle East, and Africa, highlighting key emerging markets for Northern Ireland businesses. Attendance at these exhibitions is invaluable for engaging with customers, building new partnerships, and strengthening existing ones.

In addition to exhibitions, we also organise trade missions to help you explore opportunities in new markets. Attendance at these trade missions can provide networking opportunities and introduce you to buyers.

Participating in trade missions and exhibitions can significantly enhance your business's growth prospects and global reach by offering crucial opportunities and resources.

Benefits of attending exhibitions and trade missions

Attending overseas events can:

  • enhance your knowledge of new markets
  • build new contacts,
  • gain trade show experience,
  • gain advice from in-market experts, and
  • assist in securing international deals

To assist you in attending an international show or exhibition, we can:

  • offer exporting advice and market information,
  • arrange meetings with potential customers,
  • provide financial support for return visits between events,
  • offer additional days in market to visit to other regions while on a trade mission, and
  • provide market research collated by consultants and or our in-market teams

*Our support is subject to eligibility criteria.

Calendar of exhibitions and trade missions

Our International Trade Calendar highlights a broad mix of market and sector-focused visits, trade missions, exhibitions, across a range of industries and markets for our clients.

Download our International Trade Calendar (PDF)

*Exhibitions and Trade Missions are subject to change.

For further information on a specific event and to check your eligibility, click on the Event Title

Event Title Sector Location Event Type Start Date End Date
Aerospace and defence Farnborough, GB Exhibition Stand 22 July 2024 26 July 2024
Trade Mission Chicago, USA and Toronto, Canada Trade Mission 16 September 2024 20 September 2024
Green economy Hamburg, Germany Exhibition Stand 24 September 2024 27 September 2024
Trade Mission Mexico City, Mexico Trade Mission 14 October 2024 17 October 2024
Trade Mission Copenhagen, Denmark Trade Mission 28 October 2024 01 November 2024
Trade Mission Singapore Trade Mission 04 November 2024 08 November 2024
Trade Mission Stockhom, Sweden Trade Mission 04 November 2024 06 November 2024
Technology Barcelona, Spain Exhibition Stand 05 November 2024 07 November 2024
Trade Mission Düsseldorf, Germany Trade Mission 11 November 2024 14 November 2024
Trade Mission London, UK Trade Mission 11 November 2024 12 November 2024
Agri-Tech Hannover, Germany Exhibition Stand 12 November 2024 15 November 2024
Materials Handling Kolkata, India Exhibition Stand 20 November 2024 23 November 2024
Agri-Tech Herning, Denmark Exhibition Stand 26 November 2024 29 November 2024
Trade Mission Toulouse, France Trade Mission 03 December 2024 05 December 2024
Materials Handling Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Exhibition Stand 15 January 2025 16 January 2025
Materials Handling Orlando, USA Exhibition Stand 15 January 2025 17 January 2025
Life and health sciences Dubai, UAE Exhibition Stand 27 January 2025 30 January 2025
Trade Mission San Diego, USA Trade Mission 29 January 2025 31 January 2025
Trade Mission Seattle, USA Trade Mission 03 February 2025 07 February 2025
Agri-Tech Louisville, USA Exhibition Stand 12 February 2025 15 February 2025
Food and drink Dubai, UAE Exhibition Stand 17 February 2025 21 February 2025
Trade Mission Boston & Toronto Trade Mission 24 February 2025 27 February 2025
Aerospace and defence London, UK Exhibition Stand 11 March 2025 12 March 2025
Food and drink Dusseldorf, Germany Exhibition Stand 16 March 2025 18 March 2025
Materials Handling St. Louis, USA Exhibition Stand 25 March 2025 27 March 2025
Agri-Tech Zaragoza, Spain Exhibition Stand 25 March 2025 28 March 2025
Materials Handling Munich, Germany Exhibition Stand 07 April 2025 13 April 2025
Materials Handling Las Vegas Exhibition Stand 03 March 2026 07 March 2026

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Learn the benefits of attending exhibitions and trade missions with our video playlist featuring past event highlights and Richard Hill, Business Development Director of Deluxe Group.

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