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About our support

Invest NI’s E-business team can provide advice and support to export-focused businesses considering implementing Management Information Systems such as customer portals, e-commerce, finance systems, CRM, ERP/MRP systems, digital automation and other software that makes smarter use of data across the business.

Our E-business advisors can provide tailored advice on a range of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), E-commerce and Management information systems.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management Information Systems (MIS) can:

  • Provide opportunities for digitisation and digital transformation of key business operations to increase productivity and operational efficiency
  • Improve information flow across the business and potentially also through your supply chain and customers
  • Provide greater visibility of key information from across the business to improve processes, management, reporting and decision making

Online guides

If you’re not sure about which technology best suits your business, we offer a range of online guides through nibusinessinfo.co.uk. These cover a wide range of topics from selecting an IT provider and business software, to selling online and online marketing.

Financial assistance

Where financial support is applicable there may be assistance for:

  • One-off software costs of Management Information Systems
  • Associated setup/configuration and user training of the software

Before offering any financial support, one of our advisors will do an appraisal of your proposed MIS project. The project must show a stepped change in ICT usage sophistication / digital transformation for your business.